• I feel witnessed, supported and gently held to account due to Ali’s skill in reflecting back to me; based on both my verbal and physical responses. I feel encouraged to clarify my thinking and delve more deeply into what lies below the ‘waterline’. E, Brighton, UK (Relationship Coaching)
  • I have found the experience incredibly supportive and rewarding. Ali is an excellent listener (allowing me to ramble), she links language and phrases I’ve expressed at various points of the session, which deepens my awareness. She has an incredible skill in allowing me to observe a different perspective without blocking what I’ve expressed. I’ve left each of our sessions feeling positive and I have follow through actions discussed with great energy. J, London, UK (Relationship/Life Coaching)
  • Ali was both calming and reassuring. I felt listened to and she explained everything in great detail to make sure I understood the process. Ali has a natural empathetic way about her and even though it was done via a video call it felt very personal. L, Hove, UK (Life Coaching)
  • Ali was very skilful in guiding me into self-discovery and awareness. She is very easy to talk to, and has a way of making you feel comfortable with her welcoming presence. M, New York State, USA (Life Coaching)
  • Within our first one-hour session, Ali really helped me to focus on what is important to me at this time. We then worked together to create manageable goals to be completed within a realistic and structured time frame. I came away from the session feeling excited that I’m now going to stop procrastinating and that I’m finally going to get stuff done. Seeing my aims and objectives as less of a mountain has given me a fresh new outlook and I just know that the accountability of having a coach is going to spur me on to achieve so many wonderful things! A, Brighton, UK (Business Coaching in the entertainment industry)
  • Ali asked questions that helped me to organize my thoughts resulting in me feeling less overwhelmed and more clear about my beliefs, values and course direction. Ali was empowering and gentle, creating a safe space for me to be vulnerable about my fears and blocks. L, New York State, USA (Business Coaching in the education industry)
  • Ali is such a compassionate coach. Her energy in our session was calm and light-hearted which helped me relax and feel safe. Ali is funny and sweet but also very discerning and pointed in her coaching questions. I love her style! D, Tennessee, USA (Business Coaching in the education and personal development industry)
  • I have found coaching to be a non-threatening, accessible way to develop thoughts, ideas and plans. The leading/open questions encouraged me to think in new creative and practical ways and I appreciated Ali’s input with ideas that I wouldn’t have explored otherwise. I have personally utilised the sessions to explore ways in which to organise and expand my small business. As well as thinking broadly about the themes and ideas that define my work, I found focusing on more specific areas of the business very helpful. H, Manchester, UK (Business Coaching in the arts and entertainment industry)