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I help people who are struggling with a life challenge, by offering non-judgmental, empathic coaching. My service is unique because of my intuitive skills arising from professional coaching training and 20+ years in learning and development. I have worked with thousands of people, and am adept at tuning in to where they are at.

Why me? I am genuinely interested in the human condition. I am curious about where you are at. I am curious about where I am at. I enter my 50s as a twice divorced, peri-menopausal, co-parent, living with a rescue cat. I have a history of mental health issues and addiction. I carry the scars of my previous monogamous and conscious non-monogamous relationships with different genders. And I am the happiest I have ever been. My wellbeing (mental, physical, spiritual) is exactly where it needs to be. I am a contented work-in-progress human. I struggle with asking for support, help and guidance, and yet it has always helped me to move through difficult times. Let me support you.

You can bring any topic to the coaching session, such as relationships, work, money, wellbeing. You can use it to help navigate a change, such as relationship status, changing jobs, health choices. Coaching can help you make a decision or explore a dilemma.  

My training as a holistic coach coupled with a first degree in psychology (BSc, Hons) allows the flow between mind, body, spirit. I work from a belief that we already have everything we need to achieve our goals. Coaching focuses on where you are at, where you want to be, and how you can get there. I will walk alongside you, as you tread your path.  

Coaching looks at the now and the future. This is different from counselling/therapy (an equally valuable resource), where the emphasis is on looking at the past, with a view to healing. We may discuss the past, but framed within the context of where you are at now. 

Book a free 30-minute no strings meet-and-greet zoom, phone call or countryside walk. From this we can discuss what’s next for you. 

NEWSFLASH!! Half-price for new clients in 2021!  

After our initial meet-and-greet, you may wish to set up your first 1-hour coaching session. You might want to meet weekly, fortnightly, monthly, the choice is yours. You might want to commit to four sessions, or book one-offs. I offer block-booking rates and bursary places. 

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