I am a coach, trainer and performer. 

As a holistic relationship coach, I help all women (including trans and non-binary folk) to LOVE MORE; FEAR LESS in their romantic relationships.

My values on fair treatment show up in my work as a corporate trainer, specialising in inclusive leadership and communication skills.

As a performer, I love connecting and entertaining in equal measure. 

As a Psychology (hons) graduate I follow the work of many psychologists, psychiatrists, researchers and coaches. My book suggestions are on Instagram under #alisbookclub Topics include Attachment Theory, abandonment, addiction, shadow work, non-monogamy, boundaries, jealousy, communication, pleasure, sex and sexuality, race and gender. I offer a free booklist in my ah coaching community on Facebook.

Over the years I have pioneered many creative projects, including award-winning Short and Girlie Show and community organisation Brighton Dance Flash Mobs. I occasionally perform stand-up, and compere as cheeky comedy character Stella Pint. 

I enjoy running, cycling, yoga and walking – not at the same time. I always have a personal development tome and a memoir on the go. I identify as a gay/queer woman. My pronouns are she/her. I live in Brighton UK with my inspiring, magical neurodivergent daughter and our rescue cat (Instagram: @cococoachingcat)

My Value Statements

I believe when we approach life with compassion and curiosity, we cultivate happiness. Self-awareness comes from being open to learning and re-learning, and allows us to follow our purpose. Courageous conversations move us forwards with love and understanding. Love more; fear less.

I enjoy working with women of all sexualities, backgrounds, disabilities and relationship designs. I offer bursary places throughout the year to intersectional queer women because coaching deserves to be accessible to all.