***NEXT COHORT STARTS 27th JUNE – 24th JULY 2022***

Are you feeling the loss of a romantic relationship? Want to find your freedom and move forwards?

The end of a relationship feels like the end of life as you know it. You experience grief for a living person. They are there and they are not there. It is a living loss.

Working through the loss of a relationship is not linear. Healing can be helped by feeling witnessed and supported. Give yourself permission to create your new story.


I feel witnessed, supported and gently held to account due to Ali’s skill in reflecting back to me; based on both my verbal and physical responses. (EA, Brighton, UK)

Ali was empowering and gentle, creating a safe space for me to vulnerable about my fears and blocks. (LE, New York State, USA)

I have found coaching to be a non-threatening, accessible way to develop thoughts, ideas and plans. I found the written/visual exercises were concisely explained which made it easy to follow the process. (HI, Manchester, UK)

(Ali) has some really great tools and practical methods to bring clarity to confusing emotional situations, making them feel less insurmountable. (CE, London, UK)

A huge amount of the pressure that I felt about my life previously has transformed into a mindset of excitement, abundance and most importantly for me a sense that I am in control of it. (ET, Devon, UK)

Ali is an amazing coach that really takes the time to get to know you. She pushes you, in a very gentle way, to see the beauty within yourself and has allowed me to break through some of my difficult times, and losses. (GE, Gloucestershire, UK)


This programme develops clearer thinking about the loss, vulnerability and confusion you experience due to the end of your romantic relationship. It is a blend of coaching and training. During the 28 days you will explore:

  • Perspectives on blocks and fears associated with loss and love
  • Values and beliefs to achieve a fresh outlook on life
  • New, healthy behaviours and thought processes
  • Deeper acknowledgement of your resilience and strength
  • Increased self-confidence

During this programme, I commit to providing an environment that grows:

  1. Clarity on where you are at, where you want to be and how you can move there
  2. Hope for your own chosen future
  3. Joy on a daily basis
  4. Connection with self and others


The 7 WAYS IN 28 DAYS framework is a blend of holistic coaching and training. You receive gifts in the form of coaching, training exercises, worksheets, videos and three gifts posted to you. Every week, for four weeks you’ll receive:

  1. one-to-one coaching with me (1-hour)
  2. coaching/training in a small group of six people (1-hour)
  3. working independently (1-hour, can be divided into smaller chunks)

Could you find three hours each week to commit to your personal development?


We humans are a meld of mind-body-spirit. Holistic Coaching builds on the value of each area. I bring each area to life during this programme, using my education, skills and experience over the last 20 years.

  • Mind – with a degree in psychology and a constantly curious mind, I share ideas on topics such as cognitive distortions, bracketing techniques, reframing exercises
  • Body – using my acting, performance and improvisation skills, I bring greater awareness into somatics and your body
  • Spirit – through my studies with ICF accredited Radiant Coaches Academy, and drawing on my daily practices, I share a range of self-care and personal growth tools

We have everything we need, and sometimes we need help to unlock it. That’s where holistic coaching steps in, to inspire change and promote growth.

I bring my whole self into this programme, with honesty, professionalism and humour. I have had fulfilling relationships of different designs and with different genders. I have lived through divorce twice, and equally painful endings of other meaningful relationships. I have enjoyed monogamous and non-monogamous relationship designs. I continue to juggle co-parenting, work, self-care and exercise in an ever-changing world! My heart and soul is weaved into this programme.

What holistic coaching isn’t: 

  • It is not therapy or counselling. These focus on looking at the past with a view to healing. Coaching may mention events in the past, but we will bring them into how they impact you today, and how you can move into a new place.
  • It is not mentoring. Although you and I may have shared experiences, the emphasis in coaching is looking at where you are at, and the areas you can develop and grow.
  • It is not training. I am not your teacher, other than to help you learn about you. I will caveat this with the fact I have run communication training courses for businesses and improvisation workshops for women and children over the last 20 years, therefore in the Connection Coaching group zoom sessions I bring my knowledge and expertise into the room.


In summary, you will receive seven resources:

  1. Weekly individual zoom coaching (four x 1h each)
  2. Weekly Connection Coaching zoom for our cohort only (four x 1h each)
  3. Weekly 15-min video to watch in your own time (four x 15m each)
  4. Two homework worksheets per week (completion times: 10m & 30m)
  5. Private Facebook Group Membership for support
  6. Resources List
  7. Three gifts posted to you to help your journey


Six womxn (women, trans, non-binary and everyone respectful of a women’s space). This programme is for you if you are:

  • Single and mourning the loss of your previous relationship
  • Single and unsure if you and your ex will get back together
  • In a relationship and grieving a previous relationship
  • Days, weeks, months or years on from the end of the relationship in question
  • Grieving an amalgam of past relationships, including friendships


First person signing up receives FREE VIP Course Booster, worth £150.

  1. Two additional 1-hour individual coaching sessions in the month post-course
  2. Daily check-ins via WhatsApp messaging

VIP BOOSTER available to purchase for the EARLYBIRD PRICE OF £100 (unless you get it for free!). Rising to £150 from 6th June.


INVESTMENT: £400 EARLYBIRD / FULL PRICE: £500 from 6th June 2022

Payment plans available on request. 10% off if you have previously had a minimum of four individual paid coaching sessions with Ali.



(1) Group Connection Coaching dates: Tuesdays, 19.30 – 20.30 BST (28th June, 5th July, 12th July, 19th July 2022) I encourage you to attend all these sessions; they will not be recorded for confidentiality reasons.

(2) Individual weekly coaching dates. Pick your 1-hour slot, seven timings available. Talk to me if you require flexibility.

Mondays: 14.00 / 18.00 BST (27th June, 4th July, 11th July, 18th July 2022)

Tuesdays: 08.00 / 12.00 / 16.30 / 18.00 BST (28th June, 5th July, 12th July, 19th July 2022)

Wednesdays: 08.00 BST (29th June, 6th July, 13th July, 20th July 2022)


I’m Ali Hendry, a Certified Holistic Relationship Coach and founder of ah coaching. I help womxn explore their thoughts and feelings about romantic relationships, without judgement. I offer compassionate support and guidance to create the change you want. I steadily hold you accountable for new beginnings.

I work under the ICF (International Coaching Federation) guidelines as a commitment to my clients and my practices. I gained my holistic coaching certification with Radiant Coaches Academy and CCE in Relationship Coaching with Salus Academy. This year I became Director of Education (Europe) at Radiant Coaches Academy. I am completing my ICF level three PCC credential (Professional Certified Coach) with 500 hours of client work. I subscribe to the ICF Code of Ethics and adhere to their professional coach/client guidelines. On signing up to LIVING LOSS, I’ll share the Coaching Agreement and Legal Waiver forms.

I am open and honest about my own living loss journeys, having been divorced twice (first to a man, then to a woman), and experienced endings in a range of monogamous and non-monogamous designs. I continue to learn how to love more and fear less in my romantic relationships.


Would you like to enter a place of feeling witnessed and supported on your personal journey through your heartbreak healing? This programme provides the space to:

  1. Welcome in change
  2. Bring in fresh perspectives
  3. Allow space for your new story


You can convert your payment into individual coaching sessions.


  1. What’s the price? – £400, rising to £500 from 6th June 2022. VIP BOOSTER free to first person signing up! Available to purchase as an add-on for £100, rising to £150 from 6th June 2022.
  2. Can I use this programme to refresh my current relationship? – Yes! Whatever relationship phase you are in, you are welcome. You can also use it for the end of a friendship of family relationship.
  3. I have heard you talk about relationships on social media, how confidential are our sessions? – 100%, because I subscribe to the ICF’s Code of Ethics. I use my own experiences as the springboard for my public shares.
  4. How can I access the Resources List? – It will be in the Facebook Group and it is a Google Document, so you have lifetime access.
  5. Do I have to join the Facebook Group? – Nope, I know Facebook isn’t to everyone’s liking!
  6. Do I have to do the homework? – No! This course is tailored to fit around your schedule. My question is, Why wouldn’t you fully commit to your own journey? You deserve this space and time for you.
  7. Do I have to watch the videos? – No! You chose this course, so use it as you wish. My question is, How good will you feel if you do commit to watching the videos?
  8. Can I buy the VIP Booster after I start the 28 days, and will you give me a reduction? – Yes, let’s talk!!
  9. What are the free gifts you post to me? – A quality journaling notebook, candle, oracle cards 
  10. What if I can’t afford full payment up-front? – Let’s discuss payment plans together, because you know your finances best, and I know what I need for my business, so let’s meet in the middle.
  11. How inclusive are you? – I actively welcome all backgrounds, disabilities, sexualities, genders, relationship designs. Please share any reasonable adjustments you require. Ask me about the work I do with the intersectional queer community.
  12. Can you tell me more about the structure of the weeks? – Each week has a new theme: Loss – Anger – Fear – Hope. You have opportunities to try out practical exercises, spiritual practices, mindset shifts. You have the space to work in three different ways, including on your own, 1:1 with me, and in a group setting.
  13. How do you know this programme will work for me? – Trust, Faith, Belief. Let’s talk more about your expectations for this programme, feel free to book in a chat.

Arrange your FREE 30-min zoom call to find out if this programme is right for you.